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Master Thief[edit | edit source]

Victory img head lightfinger.png Victory img head emma.png

Scouts the city and burgles buildings. Cannot be attacked.

Urchin[edit | edit source]

Game base ui img icon urchin.png

Infiltrates buildings.

Thug[edit | edit source]

Game base thug head.png

Guards streets and buildings. Can join a gang.

Gang[edit | edit source]

Campaign img gang head.png

Attacks enemies; evicts Urchins. Gets an upgrade after each kill.

Saboteur[edit | edit source]

Game base saboteur.png

Traps a building or reveals a District. (One-time use.)

Truant Officer[edit | edit source]

Campaign img truant.png

Evicts all Urchins from a building. (One-time use.)

Assassin[edit | edit source]

Campaign img assassin.png

6 damage attack. (One-time use.)