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Truant Officer is a guild member in Antihero, unlocked with the Truant Officer upgrade. Hiring one costs 8 gold.


Truant Officers can evict every Urchin in a Business at once. When you really want to shut down enemy operations in one fell swoop, there is no better way to do so. They are quite pricey, especially given that they're a one-time-use so be careful of traps. If triggered a trap, the Truant Officer will not evict any Urchins and will remain outside the Enemy Business, but if not killed in the following Enemy's turn, this Truant Officer will return to safety.

At the time when the officer enters a trapped enemy business, If squares next to this building is unscouted, or occupied by Any Other guild members, enemy or not, the Truant Officer, if stunned, will appear in farther squares, a tip for your Truant Officer to escape from traps to safety!