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The Master Thief is your main character. They begin each turn in front of your guild-house and their movement behaves like other guild members. The Master Thief starts with 2 action points, which can be upgraded to 5 by purchasing the three scout upgrades. Each point allows the Master Thief to do 1 of 3 actions:

  • Reveal 3 connected fog tiles
  • Rob a building, considered "scouting" if it has been fully looted or if it is a guarded estate)
  • Attack an enemy guild member, if the dagger upgrade has been purchased
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There are a few exceptions when it comes to action points. Firstly, if the Master Thief activates a trap they are stunned and lose all of their remaining action points for that turn. It is recommended that you save scouting enemy businesses for one of the last action points if the enemy has the Saboteur. Secondly, estates take 2-3 points to fully exhaust depending on whether or not you have a gang attack the guard.

Robbing an untouched house will reward either 2 gold or 1 lantern, and an additional gold if the Safecracker upgrade has been purchased. Subsequent robberies of houses with the small loot bag icon will reward 1 gold each and robberies of fully robbed houses will reward 0 gold.