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Lanterns are used to buy upgrades. Specific districts produce lanterns every turn, so you can increase your reserves by infiltrating these areas. They can also be stolen, and even earned passively if you take the Lamp Lighters upgrade. This might be a smart investment, as upgrades are a one-time expense, and the benefits they offer can’t be taken away from you. Lanterns can also be spent on certain victory conditions, which we will get into later.


  • Trading Houses provide +1 lantern per turn.
    • At level 3 infiltration, they provide +2 lanterns instead.
  • The Lamp Lighters upgrade provides +1 lantern per turn.
  • You can choose to forgo upgrades, instead opting to take charity and receive +2 lanterns (or +4 gold).
  • Finally, if you choose the Art Critic upgrade, you will be able to rob estates for masterpieces (+2 lanterns each time).