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Guild members are miscreants you hire to spread your reign of thievery and power across the city. Every character requires one of the upgrades to be unlocked. Good news, though! After every upgrade is purchased you get a free unit to get you started. This is great for when you want to weigh your options regarding higher cost units, when you may only need one throughout the course of a map.


  • Urchins are your go-to for turning Businesses into profit machines. They infiltrate Businesses, skimming off resources for your gain. However, they can be evicted from Businesses, in which case they are lost to the streets again.
  • Thugs are hired muscle used to block road tiles, occupy certain objectives, and reinforce gangs. They start out with one health, which can be upgraded with Lanterns. After two turns, they disappear back to the bar to continue drinking.
  • Gangs are the offensive versions of Thugs. They can attack enemies and evict Urchins, gaining a level every time they do so. You can choose what they get better at after each successful action, so they can eventually do more damage or yield more gold from each kill. Their health can be improved by having Thugs join their ranks. Purchasing the "Second Gang" upgrade allows you to hire two Gangs.
  • Saboteurs rig Businesses with traps to keep out enemy scouts and attempts to evict its infiltrators. Traps last two turns, and when an enemy stumbles upon them, they are stunned for one turn. Master Thieves lose all remaining actions, while other units stand exposed in the streets, ripe for the stabbing. Once a Saboteur’s job is finished, he runs away — but for three Gold, they can be a real lifesaver.
  • Truant Officers can evict every Urchin in a Business at once. When you really want to shut down enemy operations in one fell swoop, there is no better way to do so. They are quite pricey, especially given that they're a one-time-use so be careful of traps.
  • Assassins are incredibly deadly, doing a whopping six damage to whoever is unfortunate enough to face their judgement. They are great for knocking off well-reinforced gangs and taking down targets to quickly gain Assassination Victory Points. Use sparingly, though, as they cost eight Gold apiece, and can only be used once before dancing back into the darkness.