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Gold is primarily used to buy units. The easiest way to earn this particular resource is by burgling buildings on the map. It can also be earned by infiltrating certain Businesses that will provide you with Gold bonuses every turn. Lastly, you can kill for Gold, as every slain enemy unit will drop money after their death. More advanced units can be very pricey, so it's crucial to balance the money you spend on muscle and utility against the money you earn doing dirt.


  • Robbing and scouting buildings provides 2 gold per robbery.
    • Normal buildings can be robbed again for +1 gold.
    • Estates are particularly lucrative targets, especially with upgrades, as they can provide additional loot.
  • You can choose to forgo upgrades in one turn and instead opt to take Charity for +4 Gold.
  • Banks and Churches provide 1 gold per turn.
    • Banks provide three at infiltration level 3.
  • All enemy targets provide 2 gold when killed.
    • The Gang can be upgraded to net +1 gold per kill (up to a max of +3).