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The cinematics tell the story of the game. They are unlocked by unlocking the corresponding chapter of the campaign, except the very last one, which only plays after winning the last chapter. Cinematics can be viewed again from the campaign menu, except the last one.

The Story[]

Part 1[]

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Lightfinger, the Master Thief, ran his guild in a small corner of a city ruled by violence, corruption, and greed.

We won't claim he made an honest living, but he got by - and what other choice did he have?

The elites who ruled the city lived like kings while the masses starved.

Whether above the law or below it, everyone was a scoundrel of some sort.

Part 2[]

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A lone thief is an unprofitable thief.

Lightfinger relied on his second-in-command, Hyde, to enlist new guild members, and grow his thiefy empire.

Hyde had worked alongside Lightfinger for many years, earning the trust of the guild.

He was particularly good at recruiting talented young street urchins.

Emma was one such urchin.

Hyde discovered her after she made off with his pocketwatch. A budding cut-purse!

Amused, Hyde brought her to Lightfinger, who recognized a prodigious, if untrained, talent.

Part 3[]

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After her humiliating defeat, Mathilde fled the city in the dead of night -

- but not before burning her guild to the ground in a fit of pique.

Emma, with a scavenger's instincts, brought Lightfinger to pick through the ashes and rubble that Mathilde had left in her wake.

They made a worrying discovery.

Part 4[]

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With Gashford dispatched, Lightfinger believed his troubles were behind him.

He was eager to return to the simple, honest work of a humble thief, and ordered his crew to resume normal business.

After returning home late one night from a routine jewelry acquisition, Emma spotted two figures in the shadows.

They appeared to be discussing a matter of great urgency.

One of the voices belonged to Frannie The Filcher, a dangerous thief who held a grudge against Lightfinger for some long-forgotten slight.

And the other...

And the other... was Hyde!

Emma stifled her gasp, but not quickly enough - she was spotted.

She fled to Lightfinger and delivered the news.

They found Hyde's bunk empty and his room cleaned out.

But this would not be the last they heard of him.

Part 5[]

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Hyde's trap had found its mark.

Lightfinger's injuries were grave, and Hyde would not afford them even a moment's rest.

The decision was clear.

Lightfinger looked at Emma, and nodded. The guild rallied around her.

Emma would lead them to Hyde's defeat...

...or their own.

Part 6[]

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Lightfinger's wounds eventually healed, but he found he was no longer keen for the thief's life.

Outlaws don't get old: they retire, or are done in -

- and Lightfinger preferred to quit while he was ahead.

He left the underworld, a rich and satisfied man, and anointed Emma the guild's new Master Thief.

Now the most powerful rogue in the city, Emma threw open her doors to the city's urchins, who flocked to the guild, eager for her tutelage.

They prospered, and all was normal... for a time.

Emma soon found new adventures - or rather, they found her.

But that, my friends, is another story, for another time.