Antihero Wiki

You will spend most of your time in Antihero running in and out of buildings. Regular, dark buildings can be burgled for Gold coins. Most can be burgled twice, but the second visit will yield less coins. Special buildings will be scouted (netting the usual Gold reward) and require urchins to unlock their bonuses.

Buildings are often assorted and zoned by color-coded districts, which denote the sort of Businesses that are in them. Businesses must be infiltrated by Urchins in order to receive their benefits, and they require three Urchins to get their fully upgraded bonus. The chances of you having a significant presence in all types of building on any given map is slim. Pick a couple of Businesses to exploit, and work their strengths into your strategy.

Regular buildings[]

  • Banks: Yellow Districts hold Banks. Banks will net you one Gold piece per turn when infiltrated and three Gold per turn when fully upgraded.
  • Churches: Grey Districts contain Churches. When infiltrated, they will reward you with one Gold piece per turn. When fully upgraded, it will grant you a Blackmail Victory Point for as long as you control the Church.
  • Estates: Purple Districts are home to Estates. Estates house valuables that you need upgrades to steal. When properly equipped, Diamonds and Masterpieces can be pilfered for big Gold and Lantern bonuses. From time to time, Estates might be occupied by neutral Thugs.
  • Orphanages: Blue Districts house Orphanages. When infiltrated, it provides a one Gold discount to all Urchin purchases. When fully upgraded, it gives Urchins the ability to evict enemy Urchins from Businesses.
  • Trading Houses: Green Districts are where you’ll find Trading Houses. Upon infiltration, you'll gain one Lantern per turn. When fully upgraded, you’ll make two per turn.
  • Strangefellows Pub: Brown Districts shelter Strangefellows Pub. When infiltrated, you gain a one Gold discount to the cost of Thugs. When fully upgraded, Thugs and Gangs gain a health bonus.
  • Powder Houses: Orange Districts is the location of Powder Houses. When infiltrated, you gain a one Gold discount to the cost of Saboteur. When fully upgraded, Traps steals one Lantern.

Special buildings[]

  • Palace: Provides 2 Victory Points once penetrated (requires guard towers to be compromised first).
  • Ship: Provides 2 Victory Points after holding it for two turns.
  • Masquerade: Provides one Victory Point per character delivered inside.